Corporate philosophy

He Tai Sheng launches "8S" boom

With company flourish development, enterprise upgrade, all staffs set off to learn "8S".
Gernal manager, Cai Xian Biao stressed in the mobilization meeting that "8S" is not a slogan, it is a poster, more even an act, a consciousness, a habit.It is a very important content in the implementation of international standardization management, the implementation "8S" on-site management of the norms and measures related to enterpise vitality, let us "8S" together! YES!

Only one month of "8S" on-site studing, whether employees or leaders, all have upgrated and changed from past "5S" to present "8S". Staffs are facing more and detailed specifications and terms. they do not feel cumbersome or timid and hesitate, but feel more relaxed." Acturally, we operate like this before, more S, we all YES!"

Neat、clean working enviroment, comfortable、humanity living enviroment, harmony、vitality of human enviroment is the pride of " He Tai Sheng" and make " He Tai Sheng" much better tomorrow!



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